This Time of Year

Seasons do funny things to my brain. I wonder if I'm the only one?

In the fall, I get jazzed about writing, I start collecting a huge pile of recipes containing butternut squash and pumpkin, and school sounds like the best thing since underarm deodorant. Fall gets me thinking about gratitude and educational philosophies and snuggling by the fire and family togetherness.

Then, not even a week after Christmas wrapping paper has left for the recycling center, the Burpee catalog arrives in the mail. And everyone begins blogging about new beginnings and goals for the future. And so I begin. Planning the contents of the garden beds. Getting excited about road tripping to places near and far. Thinking about all manner of personal and family goals. Resolving to make better lifestyle choices.

Speaking of better lifestyle choices.....
  • We most certainly did not welcome in the new year with Drive Thru McDonalds ice cream cones for everyone. {ya, we did}
  • We probably weren't crazy enough to jump in near-ice-temperature water on the first day of the year. {sure thing} 
  • We didn't keep our kids up three whole hours past their bedtime on New Years Eve to play games with friends. {they loved it} 

This is the time of year I want to thoroughly clean and organize the whole house. On Sabbath, the sun shone bright through windows, revealing accumulated dirt from the past few years. The sight had me thinking about the Son and Grace for dirty lives. But today I thought seriously about getting out the Windex and the ladder.

You know what though? The windows can wait.

Here's what won't:

Blogging Goals for 2012

Posts about the Kids:
Outdoor Play {snow play, hiking, camping, and more}
Learning Activities {science experiments, favorite books, field trips and more}

Post about my Hobbies:
Devotionals {now that I'm a monthly contributor at 5 Minutes for Faith}
Sabbath Stories {my creative writing project, Bible stories from a new perspective}

Posts about Remembering Gratitude:
One Thousand Gifts

Posts about Ministry:
Compassion and Advocacy Blogging {already planning a trip to ________* later in February}
*surprise country that I'll talk about later this month

Posts that are Helpful:
Meal Inspiration {to guide the month's meal planning and recipe posts}
Parenting {tips, advice, book reviews}
Favorite Links

But I don't plan to blog every day. When listing my life's priorities, it's easy to see who comes up to the very top. And as Kelle says, "there is nothing so time critical that you can't stop for ten minutes and play with your kids." There are a lot of things that can wait for the future, while we live in the present.

Speaking of living in the present.....
These people greatly inspire me: 
  • This family of four, spending every day together as they pedal around the continent, doing some serious bicycle bonding. 
  • And the sweet Sara, begging us to not miss out of the life we have. Smell the fresh-cut grass, feel the sun soak, count the gifts.
I'm going to attempt to blog in a conversational style, so my readers will feel more connected and hopefully more interested in what I have to say. I want this space to be informative, fun, and engaging for you, as well as helpful, character-building and inspirational for me.

So. Now you know what to expect for the year. My windows will probably stay dirty {although I might spot clean!}. My husband and I will probably jump in cold water again {although that seriously took my breath away!}. And you know I'm doing my very best to blog for the right reasons and in keeping with my priorities.

Next post -- probably a recipe. Sometime mid-week. Love y'all. Thanks for reading. :)