A Mom's Time With God

You'll find me today over at 5 Minutes for Faith. I'm writing about letting go and living inside of grace. And how to ponder Jesus, even in the middle of the day.

Here's a little snippet to whet your appetite:
"Tonight, in the car, first time alone and able to be inside my head, on my way to my exercise class — a thought: “I bet God has a special place in His heart for mothers. He probably wishes He could hold them extra tight, wipe away their tears. He must be so proud of the work we are doing, raising the little ones.”

And then I stopped, replaying my own words. “He wishes He could hold them…”

What? Why couldn’t He? It’s not like God is so estranged from us, stuck in a celestial world. He’s right here with us, in the thick of the hairiest angry fit. He can hold us… right?"
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