Dear Airplane

Dear {Little First Flight} Airplane,

Thank you for the wild ride out of my small town airport. That was fun. The little girl I met who is on her way to Southern California to visit Disneyland? She might not need to go now. That set the bar pretty high. What a send off.

Thank you for giving me such a great seat mate -- someone to talk to the whole flight -- someone who wasn't scary -- someone who has spent two years in Africa -- someone who blessed me so greatly when I could have felt so alone -- someone who reminded me that my life is completely in God's hands.

Thank you for knowing what to do with all that ice that accumulated on your wings.

Thank you for dropping me out of the sky into such a nice airport with free WIFI and plugins to keep my equipment all charged up while I wait for my next BIG plane.

Thank you for the great beginning to my trip.

Here we are at our best {5:30am airport send off party}. The camera balancing on a trash can.