Emotional, He Is.

I've been seeing a lot of this face lately.
This boy has some strong emotions, that's for sure.
Fortunately, his brother has been the picture of joy, happiness and general contentment.
And plenty of silly.

Today he was riding the window like an elevator {you would have to see it}.

Raising two boys who are playing together, sleeping together, eating together, staying home sick together -- is a challenge. For sure. I'm feeling pretty half-baked lately.

We had tator tots for lunch. Because I knew they would eat them. 
And who wants to spend hours cooking something they won't eat? I know. Sad. We'll work on it.

Just hoping for more happy faces like this in days ahead. 
Things can only get better...we're almost half-way through February!!
Aaaaah...there's the whine again...
"CARRY YOU!!" {he means "carry me"}