Finding Our Home

Over 10,000 miles traveled. Traversing three continents. More than 24 hours of travel time.

And we're here. Our destination. And it's beautiful.

We even have a talking bird for entertainment.
We had hot showers this morning. After a restless few hours of sleep. 
Breakfast at the Pacific Hotel was lovely -- oatmeal with raw sugar sprinkled on top.
Eggs, sauteed green beans, and Tang.
Tang and Fanta. Happy drinks. 
And our beautiful lodging, run by a Swiss gentleman.
Also, check out our vehicle. We'll be taking this dude to the villages each day. Awesomeness.
Here's a quick street view for ya. :)

I'll keep posting as often as I can! Thanks for following me here to Africa.
Feel free to tell your friends about the virtual travel opportunity... ;)