How to Love | Acts of Service

I'm exhausted. I served all day. Let me tell you. My middle name is service.

But I'm bone tired after sweeping and laundry and new sheets on the bed and drawers organized and bathrooms cleaned and school room organized and pretzel dogs made. And I brought the garbage can back from the curb too. *high five*

I left him little notes around the house to let him know what I had done. Cause a girl wants some recognition. And isn't service the humblest of all the languages? Gifts typically unnoticed? Oh yeah, the kitchen is clean...big deal. You should have seen it five hours ago. Now get me some lotion for my scaly hands.

Acts of Service can be a toughy. Because so many of these tasks are somewhat required of a housewife {in town}, they can be performed for other know? Maybe not as a love gift to our spouse? Sometimes I clean the house for myself. Well, really most of the time. Because he needs a little note affixed to the clean mirror so he'll notice my gift. ;p But the point is -- if you're doing the work out of pure love for your significant other, knowing they will be so happy and feel so cared for, your burden will be lifted. The work, when done specifically out of love, will not seem so hard. It might even be fun. {ahem} Maybe.
"They [acts of service] require thought, planning, time, effort and energy.
If done with a positive spirit, they are indeed expressions of love."
--Gary Chapman in The Five Love Languages