Today's Thoughts and Favorites

Today I wish I had one of those cubical jobs. I don't feel like talking to anyone. Even the happy noises of my children are jarring my nerves. Little drudgeries like the dirty dishes and floor messes are even drudgier than usual.

It's my personality talking. It's telling me I better carve out some more alone time and get quiet in the head. Less noise. Less distraction. More cubical. It's not super practical in my life stage. But I'm doing my best. I holed up in the kids' bedroom until they joined me and started building houses inside their bunkbeds and talking and shrieking and laughing. Now I'm in the living room. They'll be here soon.

I'm not always like this.

But today. I am. And if I don't embrace it and do what I can to satisfy my inner needs, there will eventually be hot lava. Right there below the surface. And somebody will say, "where's my calzone?" and boom. Volcano.

You know how some people can't seem to be thankful for new technologies? Changing Facebook profiles are hard for them. A new version of the iPhone doesn't seem necessary. Why are people all around me texting each other? I know. According to my spell checker "texting" isn't even a word.

But I want to tell you what I love about the technology that I use.

I love having super easy access to inspirational videos that help my faith reignite even while I do those dishes or fold the clothes. I love being able to listen to Adventures in Odyssey or other free audio books. Free. In my kitchen. Right now.

Without social media, I wouldn't be aware of any of the fabulous books and online resources that I've been blessed by. It is so awesome to hear chatter about what's popular and read online book reviews before I buy.

There are so many blogs with really helpful articles about faith and parenting and homeschooling and living a simple life. I have been blessed.

And the recipe blogs?? Oh, I love the recipe blogs. With the amazing photos that make you lick the screen. Almost. I wouldn't have nearly the variety of foods to feed my family, if not for new technology.

Texting. Texting is fabulous. It's quick and efficient. Something mother's need! My new phone has voice recognition, so I can simply speak my message and it {usually} translates it just right and I can hit "send". "Please be home on time, honey." "Play date at 3 o'clock tomorrow, right?" "Peter just said he loves you." "I'm in the parking lot, can I come up with a milkshake?"

And blogging. Blogging has helped me find my voice. Blogging has helped me discover my passions. I've been able to process, to become, to flourish. Blogging has brought connection to my otherwise isolated world, in a very low-stress manner. And it has honed my writing skills and taught me how to communicate more effectively.

But there's one thing about it that still feels so strange
. Blogging is so real life that sometimes things happen that make me feel like I shouldn't be watching. Like I just don't know them well enough to be part of this. I've seen a blogger's husband take over her blog to tell readers that she's in the hospital {shortly after the birth of her third child} and the bleeding won't stop. I've watched a blogger grow very sick and become housebound and then pass away. Her blog is quiet, but still there. Sometimes her sister posts something inspirational. And recently -- a blogger friend {who I've chatted with online a couple times} is suddenly separated from her husband and trying to fashion a new hopeful existence for herself and her children.

It's raw. It's sometimes really painful. We bond with each other. Sometimes superficially, sometimes not. The uncomfortable joys of technology.

Have you heard about Lisa Byrne's latest project? In her own words, "it’s about diving right into the heart of the new paradigm of mothering from a deeply nurtured, generous, fulfilled and purposeful place in the world. {...} It will be like going to an intimate dinner party with Brene Brown, Jennifer Louden, Renee Trudeau, Dr. Sara Gottfried, Pamela Slim, Jill Savage, Kelly Rae Roberts, Andrea Scher and Tsh Oxenreider." Amazing!!

Nine 45 minute interviews in digital download format for you to enjoy.
Starting February 14. Happy day of love. To you.
Free of charge.

Tell your network! It's going to be a fabulous value. Totally worth your time, in my opinion.

And here's something hugely inspirational from Emily Freeman. In the aftermath of my quilting marathons and achievement addiction, she speaks right to me -- "We are tethered to our own usefulness, big-headed with our own accomplishments, crushed by our shortcomings. We miss the soul breath." I appreciate her words.

I'm gearing up for my second teleconference with the other members in my team -- we're going to Ethiopia together SOON! Tonight we chat about final logistics and our identity as a team. I've got the FAQ post written and scheduled for tomorrow. If you have any other questions about my trip, let me know so I can include them in tomorrow's post!

BE LOVED. BE CONNECTED. And maybe, give in to the distractions and the noise and go be part of the dog pile in the living room.