Megadali Village | Q&A

How many families are there in Megaladi?
There are 250 families living in the village and the surrounding area, with an average of six children per family. So a total of around 1500 people.

Do the children go to school?
About 50% of the children in the village attend school regularly. The others might have too long of a walk or be required to graze the goats or cattle {the cows have since been lost due to starvation}.
Some children are just too tired or sick to attend school.
This photo was taken inside their school. It has a very dusty dirt floor.

Do they have any livestock?
They used to have cattle, but at this point they only have a small flock of goats.

What is their water situation?
They have the well and the pump...but it sucks fuel and needs many replacement fuel filters. And the water is damaging their bodies. They say the water is salty and makes their kidneys hurt.

Where do they live?
In these stick, mud, tin and tarp/blanket structures.

Do they grow crops?
The water is unsuitable for agriculture because of its mineral content {the water needs to be tested before we'll know exactly what is wrong with it}.
So at this point, they are using none of their land to grow food, either for themselves or to sell.
This photo was taken just down the road from the village -- see the mineral deposits in the surface water?

How do the children spend their time?
They play. They might kick a ball around. They help their families get water and help take care of the animals. And some go to school. They love on their siblings a lot.

Do the children receive vaccinations?
The answer was unclear. It sounds like they may have been visited by a relief organization in the past who brought vaccines and other wellness supplies. But they definitely don't have the continual support in this area that they need.

How do they get money to buy food?
They have to sell a goat. This is their only cash source as far as we know.

Do they want help?
Yes. Absolutely. They have been receiving aid from other relief organizations, but they understand that this is only a short term solution and when the aid stops, or is delayed for weeks or months, they are left without any resources. They want to partner with us in order to learn new ways of life and to learn how to help themselves.

What goals would we like Megaladi to reach in the next few years?
  • We want them to have enough clean water for drinking, cooking and washing. 
  • We want them to have enough food produced within the village to feed themselves as well as food to sell. 
  • We want them to be increasingly healthy. We want them to understand disease prevention and holistic wellness. 
  • We want them to be actively involved in income generation, providing for their families. 
  • We want their children to gain a complete elementary education and be prepared for further study.
We can help them reach their goals!

To learn more about the village of Megaladi, click here. We are looking for 100 sponsors to commit to giving $12/month to fully fund the village. Megaladi would love to have you partner with them in this journey!