[random} Quick Words

{april fools}
My husband made some chocolate covered 'delicacies' last night and took some chocolate covered nuts and fruits to a chocolate party, leaving the more worrisome varieties in the fridge {chocolate covered ketchup? pickle? carrot?}.
Wonder who his victim will be?
{this one has cumin sprinkled on it}

I sewed a bunch of squares together last night. I'm calling this quilt "snail's pace" although I'm hoping it will come together much faster than that. It's the cutest fabric ever. Hopefully I can show you the finished product next week.

I received this book in the mail to review...I'll be looking it over and telling you what I think soon. At first glance I was super impressed. I love the idea of birthday parties being a lot more natural {outside fun, less materialistic hype}.

And right now I'm reading this book about putting your marriage first. It's heavy reading and lots to think about. I'm just hoping I'll be able to connect with my husband before the kids are in high school {exaggeration, but seriously!}. I realize the importance of a strong marriage...and we're trying to make more time for each other.

So thankful these drums came together easily. I used a piece of that cardboard tube stuff that they use to pour concrete...my dad cut it into 4 inch lengths for me...I used clear packing tape {a couple layers} stretched across one end to make it tapable...then hot glued cool clearance fabrics I found at Walmart. Sweet. I hope the kids love them.

And see the bean bags? Some are actually "wheat bags". Turns out wheat is cheaper in bulk than beans. :) The plan is for the kids to try to balance them on their heads while they walk around the room.

{early mornings}
I went to bed earlier last night anticipating another early morning. I guess God took me seriously when I mentioned I might want to start prayer walking again. Can't seem to sleep past 4am. My walk takes me just over 30 minutes...plenty of time to process my thoughts and pray about it all. Then back home for some time in the Word -- I've started something called "Focused 15" and it's helping me get deeper.

{road trip}
Psyching myself up for another road trip with the kids. It's time to travel again. I think we'll hit the coast...not too far and usually fun for all. Photographer and beach bums.

{healthy eating}
We're trying to replace some of our favorites with healthier {and less expensive} options.

The plan is to hit the stores with a vengeance today. Sans kids. {yay!!} Hope to come home with spring and summer clothes for all. And then organize our drawers and closets.

And then whip out a batch of those coconut lime cupcakes that are vegan and wonderful and so delicious.

{sock monkey}
Love from Ezra's very favorite stuffed animal.