Right Now | A Swarm of Thoughts

The kids are playing outside, doing their favorite things -- driving the Jeep and riding the motorcycle. I'm sitting on the front porch with my laptop, pretending not to be cold.

I'm trying to put two thoughts together.

Seems like I've had a swarm of thoughts lately. Like a cloud of bees. Each with a different hash-tag written on their backs.
My to-do list spans most of these categories and is a mile long. And yet I find myself with tires spinning, as on ice, lacking motivation or inspiration -- lacking time, quiet, energy, wisdom.

My two year old comes, feet shuffling, saying in his cutest language, "I have a pwoblem". I cuddle and kiss his soft red hair. One of the lights on the Jeep is broken.

A month from now -- these things will all most likely be sorted out.

But for now, I have to take this overwhelming mess of thoughts and just do the next thing. Let's go inside -- they play a little Starfall, I work on my Africa slideshow.

And soon, hopefully, many things crossed off my list.