{serve} World Water Day

I couldn't miss this day. Not with the now-more-real-than-ever understanding I have of water crises around the world. Not after seeing children with their parents and goats digging in the desert for water. Not after hearing about donated wells and generators that still aren't solving problems.

It's World Water Day and organizations around the world are talking about clean water. We, here, take it for granted.

We turn on the faucet while a baby-wearing mom walks three miles to the nearest water source, then three miles back with a heavy bucket of water on her head. We buy distilled or RO water for just cents per liter while villagers drink brackish water from their well or worse, dirty diseased groundwater.

What can you do?
Here's one idea: stop buying beverages --> drink only water --> and give the money you save to an organization who is working to provide clean water for all.

Dare I say this might positively impact your health and longevity too?

Have I mentioned I believe in the power of social media? Go ahead, tell all your friends.