{create} Snail's Pace in Grey and Green

So. Today I'd like to talk to you about creativity and motherhood and doing what you love and stuff.

Because I have recently {over the past year or so} learned some important lessons like, for example, if you play the role of self-sacrificial mother for too long, you explode. And it can be messy. I have gone through seasons of extreme frustration and bitterness and times of why-did-I-have-kids? and when-do-I-get-my-life-back? I have realized that without proper treatment, my insides can get really dry, crusty and angry. I've started to learn how to take care of myself.

It's like this. You should be able to do both. You can have kids AND you can have a life.

You're a human being too. You have needs for affirmation, for affection, for creative release, for fulfillment, for expression, for happiness. Seriously? Yes. I spent at least two years in sweats and a ponytail, overweight, doing everything for other people, and then flipping out when he dropped that fifth saucy noodle on the floor. I would bite my tongue, smile, avoid the mirror, and say to myself, "this is what mothers do".

Well, yes. Mothers are self-sacrificing. Mothers do clean up spaghetti off the floor. Mothers go through incredible physical changes and have to learn to live with that. But if you're giving up...if you're hating how joyless the giving feels...if you're living like a martyr...life can get pretty dark.

So I started writing more. I pulled out that SLR camera and decided to figure out how to use it. I signed up for Jazzercise. I started thinking about what makes me tick, what I love. I discovered fabric makes me pretty happy. I found ways to spend more time reading. And now, I'm on a journey toward a happier, more vibrant marriage.

Because kids need happy parents.
Bottom line. Kids need happy parents.
Plural {as in a healthy example of marriage} and singular {as in a healthy ability to take care of oneself}.

Was that a long enough intro for this little quilt? *grin*

Introducing "Snail's Pace" in Grey and Green.
Representing time found to do something I love, without inhibiting my children's development in any way {actually, quite the contrary. they've learned to explore their creativity as well}. Representing growth, personally and in our family values. Representing the happiness found in reaching a goal.

Representing healthiness.

Available for purchase at Etsy.com

See? Doesn't it look healthy? ;)

Now -- what are you going to do to take off that garment you wear {whatever it looks like} and put on something that suits you, something that brings the color out in your eyes, something that makes you come alive? What do you love?