raw cookie bites with dark chocolate

We're heading out on our road trip to the beach soon and I've been storing up treasures in the freezer.
Tim threatens to eat them when I'm not looking. But I've counted them. And I can think of some natural consequences.

Peter has been begging for another. We won't have any for our trip if you eat them all now, I tell him.

So yeah. They're popular. I made a trial batch a couple days ago and they didn't last long. We decided they were our favorites, with these bars taking second place. You really can't go wrong with dark chocolate, can you?

{Raw} {Vegan} Yummy Bites
inspired by A Dash of Compassion

2/3 cup raw almonds
2/3 cup raw walnuts
2/3 cup rolled oats
1/3 cup flax meal
1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
1/8 tsp sea salt
1/4 cup raw agave nectar
2 tsp pure vanilla extract
3 tbsp cacao nibs or dark chocolate chips

{I really need to chin up and buy a food processor. I borrowed my mom's for this recipe and the lentil burgers and the sweet/salty bars. It's time I had one of my own.} 

So. You need a food processor. You dump the almonds, walnuts, oats, flax meal, cinnamon and salt into it and blend to a fine meal. Then, add the vanilla and agave nectar and blend until well combined. By now it should be a good texture for making into balls. Add the chocolate chips and pulse just to combine.

You're gonna roll the mixture into balls. Sqeeeeeze. And don't let any of those chips fall out. :) I put mine on a cookie sheet -- on top of parchment paper. And then I put them in the freezer. After I counted them and attached an automatic ice-cube throwing sensor to the pan. No stealing! I guess I'll need to get them out soon and put them in an air-tight container so they don't start smelling like the freezer.

We're planning to enjoy these in the car as we pass the miles between beautiful beaches.

Where might you enjoy these?