{reallife} disjointed sometimes, but it's our life

I'm afraid this post is gonna be fairly disjointed. Time to whip out underlined section headings.

So I've been gradually grieving the loss of picnik {do I capitalize or not?} over the last few months, slowing weaning myself off. Well, not really. I've been in denial until today. Today -- the site doesn't work anymore. The picnik is over. *very sad face* But not all is lost. I've been experimenting with picmonkey just a teensy weensy bit and it has some very cool features. It's like picnik's little brother -- cuter, sillier and definitely cutting edge. I'll be smiling pretty big when the collage feature comes along. *medium smile for now*

See what I was able to create? "Film Edge" on both and "Dusk" effect on the right.

Road Trip
I've definitely got the itch. Time to get on the road again and see somethin'. Peter thinks driving across town to preschool is too far. Ezra asked me again and again yesterday if we could go to Katriona's house. I said it was too far and he said "I want to go too far!" So maybe he won't mind the 15+ hours we plan to spend in the car in the next few weeks.

I'm collecting ideas for car food -- like these sweet and salty bars and maybe these raw cookie dough bites and probably the fig bars and sticks I made last time. Have any other great ideas for healthy car snacks?

{confession} I don't really like gardening all that much. I like HAVING a garden. I like it when someone else does the work. I spent a couple hours yesterday getting dirt under my fingernails {where did my cute gloves disappear to anyway?}, pulling weeds that were on the brink of exploding seeds everywhere {careful now} and popping the heads off all the dandelions {so brutal, I know} before they go to seed too. The kids don't get it. Pretty yellow flowers, mommy! What's wrong with them? And now they think it's OK to pull all the iris buds off the neighbor's plants and break branches off the lilac bushes. Eeek. A lesson in what's a weed and what's not a weed.

Anyway. We DO plan to plant our garden soon. Last year I had two foot tomato seedlings in the house by the end of March. This year, we might be waiting too long to get things going. Oh how the pendulum swings.

The raised bed map says butternut squash, cilantro/basil, onions/chives/garlic and yet to be determined {we have four beds}. We plan to move our tomato strings again and plant peas/beans up against the house.

Well, that is -- if the mystery person who does all this work for me will just show up. C'mon now.

He Reads
And he gets his silly side from daddy. ;p

Outdoor Storytime
Not sure who enjoyed this more. The neighbor kids or my husband.

Not a Road Trip
I've been given the opportunity to go away again, on another transcontinental trip. This time not halfway around the world, but still -- somewhere I've never been before. I haven't pressed the "purchase tickets" button yet. I'm letting the idea settle a bit in my mind and I'll definitely be praying about it over the weekend. Tim says I might as well make good use of all those vaccinations...

What We're Doing the Rest of the Time
Escaping outside before mommy get our clothes on. Playing with chalk. Crowding around to hear the banging from the cap gun stuff. Putting stickers on the fun foam airplanes grandma sent. Taking our clothes off again. {"our" = "Ezra"}

~thousands of gifts~
introducing friends to our greenspace
dialogues on facebook about laundry races
food the kids actually like and gobble up
looking forward to an incredible concert this weekend
trip buddies
Ethiopian spices, arriving in the mail
playing the rhyming version of "I SPY" with Peter
how he sleeps all curled up in the shopping cart sometimes, my purse for a pillow
the smell of lilacs
getting enough iron from spinach and multivitamins=enough energy to live my life!
big tickles