{reallife} Sometimes it's easy. Sometimes it's not.

Sometimes writing comes super easily. Sometimes inspiration is a flood. Sometimes words pop up out of nowhere and congeal with one another into coagulated goodness.

And sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes they don't.

Sometimes cooking is a dream. No forgotten ingredients. Nothing spilled or broken. Food everyone loves.

And sometimes it's not.

Sometimes going for a hike is the best thing since sliced bread. The birds are singing. The grass is green, the sky is blue. The kids see cool tracks in the mud and look for bird boxes. They run ahead, singing.

This week we had one of those hikes. It was really fun.
That's the balloon that was almost lost, but chased down and re-captured. Held tight, protecting from the wind's teasing tosses. They had to run across a field dotted with ground hog dirt hills to retrieve it. It was a comical sight.

I'm glad the hike went well because the writing and the cooking have been hard lately. Sometimes it's more appropriate to go read a book. So -- Tim's in the kitchen making carrot cake and I think I'm going to escape to Russia: Part Two. :)

What's coming easy or hard for you these days?