{faith} what I need

My early morning walk the other day began with a prayer for understanding.

It went something like this..."God, why am I always searching for something more, something better? It seems like I'm never satisfied, always wishing for more."

I couldn't even really put my finger on the source of the dissatisfaction. No good reasons to feel discontent. And yet that lingering desire, that hunger...what is it that I feel like I need?

What a pain to feel discontented because I'm discontented.

But the freshness of the early air and the chirping of the birds always speak to my soul. The planets of my brain start to align and get back in their orbits. And I start to realize things.

I bet that's God speaking to my heart.[...]

You bet it is! To read the rest of this post and hear what I discovered, keep reading over here at 5 Minutes for Faith