friday senses

Sheena from The Little Red House never ceases to inspire me.
I love her adventures, her recipes, her photographs and her thoughts.
Tonight I needed a quick and easy post idea
{cause it's been like four days since my four-posts-in-one-day-blitz
and I'm feeling slightly like a dry and barren desert} and thought I'd give this a try.

Harvesting: chives for our evening taco salad {a new hit!}
Running: 5am, walked 2 miles, ran just a teeny bit of that
Jazzing: new set today, extremely hard lateral weight lift {seven pounders may be too heavy}
Anticipating: well. I'm thinking about that.
I'll say I'm anticipating a nice long chat with my husband, cause after that things will all be better
Remembering: the cutest five year old graduate ever, hugging his bestest teacher
Seeing: giant green onion sword fights in the backyard {poke poke}
Crying Over: do we have to talk about it? oh...just some hurt feelings from a phone conversation with husbandy
Hearing: the happy sounds of baseball in the park
Craving: I thought I was craving a glazed donut hole, but no. oops.
Wanting to Make: a new recipe I found for walnut, coconut, chocolate chip cookies
Learning About: journalism -- what questions to ask
Missing: seeing friends...this week was dominated by potty training and other stay-at-home tasks
Juicing: yesterday I made a new favorite juice combo -- celery, cucumber, spinach, carrot, apple, grapefruit

I have a new book to read. And six old books to finish. My husband has a triathlon to complete. We have an extra day together. I am sure we will come up with fun things to do, but really, the garage and the car need a good scrub/organize.

Thanks, as always, for reading.
Have a dandy weekend.