{real life} confessions

We played hard last week. Park play date and bird watching with friends, lake time while daddy swam across and back {he's doing a triathon this weekend!}, volleyball and sand digging, BBQ and ultimate frisbee, birthday waffle stack and scavenger hunt, and the acronaires show. Oh -- and potty training here and there. Seriously. By Sunday night I was plum worn out. Hence the two days of not really getting off the couch.

Life is like that sometimes. And I think it's OK.
We hosted two boys Friday night who came to play their cellos at our church. Peter didn't get to meet them until the next morning, but he was enamored. One of the boys played my guitar so beautifully and Peter was in awe. Check out this picture of him standing with the high school group, hands in his pockets, trying to fit in. He's five, folks. And so so cute.


:: As much as I'm trying to put my need for approval into God's hands and let Him be my biggest fan, I LOVED hearing from an inspired reader today. Thank you God. You knew I needed that. I put my heart out there in each blog post and it feels fabulous when someone likes my heart.

:: I fell asleep on the couch this evening, serenaded by Peter on the xylophone. It was fabulous. Ezra gave me his best best blanket and a few kisses.

:: Juicing and me have a love/hate relationship. I think it really helps me load up on nutrition, but my energy level actually went down last week when I was juicing every day and only eating a smoothie in the morning and a light meal in the evening. I was drinking a lot of soy milk in my smoothies and wondered if my mood was affected {negatively} by an overload of ________. Estrogen? I haven't done much research. I'll keep experimenting with it. And hopefully find a blend that tastes better. ;)

:: I wrote my monthly 5 Minutes for Faith article last night. I usually don't wait that long before a deadline.

:: I'm stealing the double colon idea from my friend Leilani. I think it looks cool. 

:: I blogged almost ALL day yesterday. I know. Totally unbalanced. But here's the thing -- I had been planning to blog about those topics for a couple weeks now and the thoughts were hiding in the shadows of my brain {or maybe not there at all} and things started to flow yesterday and I had to blog like a good ole run-on sentence to get it all out. It was intense. The kids survived. But we had a huge mess to clean up last night. And then I woke up feeling mild flu symptoms and the dishes are going to have to wait a bit longer. And the kids are fending for themselves once again. Thank goodness for legos and fun, educational DVDs.

:: My almost-three-year-old emptied almost an entire tube of toothpaste into the bathroom sink this evening. Guess I wasn't watching him well enough while I slept.

:: My husband says I'm putting too many photos in my posts. I'm sorry!! There are so many and it's so hard to choose which ones to leave out. 

:: Printsgram is the best thing since....well, since Instagram! It's super easy to make a collage of recent Instagram shots. super easy. Just create it by dragging your photos onto the template and save. It'll automatically save as a PDF file so click save as and change the format to JPG. Voila! 
~thousands of gifts~
Peter saying the acros team were a bunch of crazy people
Ezra standing on the toilet seat to pee
strawberry shortcake
glittery birthday hats from school
super awesome gymnastics teacher that Peter loves
making up new words
fresh pineapple
doing not too bad at sand volleyball
boy pileups in the curvy slide
successful potty dances