{series} introducing "just a few minutes for mom"

I'm leaving for Guyana tomorrow. Really? Tomorrow? Hold on!!

Remember my trip to the Oregon Coast a few weeks ago? Well -- I have a confession to make. I blogged about it when we got back. :) You might have figured that out. We didn't have great Internet access or much time after setting up tents and getting everyone settled in their sleeping bags to do justice to blogging. Especially with all those amazing photos that I had to process and upload. So. I took notes during our week there, took lots of photos, and just soaked it all in. It felt weird pretending to be over there, writing in present or future tense when really it was all in the past.
So I have a new plan for this trip.

I'm gonna post real-time on Twitter. When I have Internet.
I'll take lots of notes and write some posts free-hand while in Guyana. And take lots of photos. Of course.
I'll put out a shebang of posts the week after my trip {June 11-17}. But you'll know I'm already home.

And {drum roll}...

I've got scheduled posts planned for the week while I'm gone. You're gonna love them!

You'll get to meet five different moms who blog. Five moms who totally love their kids. Five moms who have encouragement to share with YOU.

Here are the participants in "Just a Few Minutes for Mom":

Kaylee from Life Chasers
Stacey from s d & double e
Stacy from The Bostrom Blog
Marisa from Beauty for Ashes

They will introduce themselves and tell you a bit about what life is like for them. They will share highs and lows. They will be real.

And best of all, they will share with all of us how they nurture themselves as moms. Because it's something we all must do. We're striving for balance. We're trying to do all the important things. But we can't forget to take care of ourselves too.

You'll love hearing all the unique ways these women find time to recharge and refresh themselves.

So come back -- the series begins tomorrow, June 1st and runs through June 8. And tell your friends -- I think they would love it too.

And then say a little prayer for little old me as I fly to a new continent, cram myself into a little Cessna, then ride a boat down the river into the jungle and sleep on a beach somewhere waiting for turtles to hatch. Seriously. That's about all I know. I'll fill you in as soon as I can.

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