A Walk in the Jungle

We went for a quick walk in the jungle. It was quieter than I expected. And muddier.
I was pretty geared up to see the biggest snakes of my life in Guyana. The most dangerous spiders, alligators, poisonous frogs...I was just a little bit nervous about it all.

I should have been more worried about the toilets.

Anyway, this is us taking a walk through the jungle. Me -- watching the ground in front of my stepping feet very carefully. And keeping an eye on the others to see if they looked nervous. Zach was like your modern day Tarzan, barefoot and swinging in the trees. We didn't see any snakes. I promise I wasn't loud...no hooting and hollering in the forest this time. But we must have scared away the wildlife somehow.

We saw pretty flowers and this cool spider. And some leaf-cutter ants carrying huge pieces of leaves!
And then these -- probably the scariest outhouses I've ever seen.
Next time, I'll know what to be afraid of.