back in country. processing.

I got back from traveling the world at midnight last night. It was cold and windy. I wasn't used to sleeping with blankets on and found them to be too heavy.

My stomach has been empty {except for the airplane pretzels and ginger ale that didn't stay down long and the malerone pill that settled down my fever/chills but made me dizzier than a dizzy thing} since Friday afternoon.

I'm tired. Physically and emotionally. I just read our host's blog post about his difficulties the day before we arrived. We didn't know any of this. The boat worked just fine the whole time we were there.

It felt weird to be a passenger in a car driving on the right side of the road after so much time spent in airplanes and boats and in the back of pick-up trucks driving on the left side of the road.

I miss the banter of the Wickwire boys.

I'm not quite sure how to integrate back into this life. It always takes me a few days to feel at home again. I keep checking the ceiling for tarantulas.

I think I took too many pictures. But I didn't want to miss anything. And you never know when you're going to get that perfect shot. Like this one.

But how in the world can I share over 4,000 photos with you? Today's challenge: choosing the best.

My husband and kids are driving home from a weekend spent with family a couple states over. I can't wait to see them and give them hugs and kisses. I'll post a picture of Ezra's new cast {his other one fell off, I'm told}.

My apologies if I sound tired. I am.

I'll be back soon.