{chatter} snakes and broken bones

I dreamed of snakes last night.

Saying it that way sounds almost romantic. It was NOT romantic. Picture me with a medium sized snake, grasped tightly by its tail, WHACKING it against the side of a building. Die, snake, die. I remember thinking, maybe I'm getting over my fear of snakes.

Reminds me of one of our inside jokes in Ethiopia -- "There are no cobras in Africa". Let's whisper "there are no snakes in Guyana". We weren't even going to whisper it, were we? #denial

Then my heart rate spikes when Peter tells me there's a spider on my phone. Yeah -- a big furry ugly JUMPING spider who totally acts like he's watching us. And me, the sandal warrior, daring him to jump onto the floor. The kids probably wonder about me. Doing my little dance, screaming and slapping that poor dude to oblivion.

Maybe I'm getting over my fear of spiders. 

Then again, maybe that's what this trip is for. To take me so far out of my comfort zone that I no longer fear too many things. Small airplanes. Mosquitoes. Snakes. Spiders. Dirt runways?

I just have to remember why I'm doing this. Why AM I doing this? Because I'm passionate about helping others and I want to use the talents I have to somehow serve. Like I said in my intro to philanthography {made-up word, isn't it cool?!} post -- "I want to help tell the story of God -- at work, bringing hope, all around the world."

I'll keep my eyes open for God. I know He's there.

He'll be here too, holding Ezra's little arm as it heals in its cast. Taking care of my sweet family.

Who, incidentally, are becoming much more helpful with household chores! Peter helped unload the dishwasher with me and put away all his clothes! And they are fighting over who gets to vacuum. Imagine that!
They've been jumping around a lot lately. Ezra still tries to somersault, even with one gimpy arm. 
Peter's gymnastics show rocked. He said afterward, "I really liked that". He's got a mean sashay and cute straddle roll.
I will miss these guys terribly. Today is the day where I transition from mommy: diaper changer, milk getter, brother separator, smoothie maker, floor sweeper, bathroom cleaner, hug giver to Laura: photographer, writer, traveler, crazy woman. Maybe I'll have to jump in a telephone booth to make the switch. Cape off, safari hat on.

Here I go.