Introducing Stacy from The Bostrom Blog

Welcome to this series -- all about moms! I'll be introducing five of my favorite blogging mommies and sharing with you how they are able to nurture themselves in the midst of raising their children. And sometimes working. And of course, keeping house. And being altogether awesome.

It's called "Just a Few Minutes for Mom". Glad you're here. :)

Introducing Stacy -- mommy with one on the way who blogs at Life through her camera lens looks LOVELY. I love her take on life, her angle.

Let's hear what Stacy has to say and what she does to nurture herself regularly:

What does your life look like right now?
i am trying to take the time to savor what life is like right now, because in a few short months it will be changing wonderfully. my husband and i have one little boy (four years old) and another little boy on the way. i, somehow, am a stay at home mom and working mom all in the same. i have a true honor of taking pictures of other people and sharing their family's story through photography. but taking pictures of my own family and my own little life as it is right now is my most favorite thing to do.

What are your favorite parts of being a mom? 
those little looks from my child that without words speak volumes.
the quiet between us that is so comfortable & full of peace... and the loud that means childhood is full of bliss.
when gavin randomly says things like “mom, you’re great.”
knowing that we are raising a boy that someday will be a wonderful man.

What about motherhood is hardest for you?
never feeling like there is enough time in the day to be the mother i want to be, and know i can be. and letting go of that guilt when i don't.

What is one thing you do regularly to nurture yourself as a mom?
i put fresh flowers in my house and just thoroughly enjoy them
i find ways to create & see beauty in the littlest things. instead of just eating a snack, gavin and i will sit in the sun with a beautiful spread of fruit. i focus on tiny beautiful moments, memories, feelings, or things. i clear all surfaces in my kitchen area and create that as a peaceful enjoyable space. we live in a very small beachy home, and the thing that can re-charge me so much is sitting in a beautiful space in our home, opening the windows and letting the coastal breezes flow through the house while reading books to gavin on the couch.
just creating beautiful, peaceful moments at home. that is how i recharge. i recharge quietly.

Thanks for taking the time to share with us, Stacy!

And thanks to all the moms for participating in this series for moms. I loved getting just a little glimpse into your lives. It was really special.

Thanks to everyone for reading! It was fun! Now for the travel blogging..... =)