{reallife} i feel {fill in the blank}

Right now:
I feel ridiculously behind.
I feel confused and distraught about a number of things.
I feel guilty, deserved or not.
I feel overwhelmed with new things to learn.
I feel frustrated with the belligerent one.
I feel tired of going to swimming lessons every day.
I feel pulled in a thousand different directions.
I feel like I can't take care of myself and everyone else at the same time.
I feel happy to have a moment to discover how I feel.
I feel impossibly introverted.

Two weeks ago {pink cast love and hot day in the greenspace}:
Feeling pretty optimistic and loving the cute kids.

Ten days ago {Pre-Father's Day}:
Thankful to be spending fun times with family.

Nine days ago {Father's Day}:
Feeling super excited about having so much fun together!

Six days ago {Second Day of Summer}:
Feeling hot. Not many minutes after arriving at the pool on the hottest day of the year {so far}, Peter had a girl buddy following him around. Peter protested, Ezra retaliated with big splashes. She stayed. She was tenacious. I giggled.

Later that evening, my husband took me tubing, sans kids. It was lovely. Absolutely lovely. Mucho funo.

Five days ago {Hike by the Lake}:
Feeling tired.
I don't think my friend knew we don't usually hike ALL the way around the lake. I carryied my thirty-pounder almost the whole way. He was grumpy {as has been the norm lately} and refused to walk by himself. His big brother was a trooper however and hardly complained. We made it!

Four days ago:
I didn't take photos of our picnic lunch with friends at the park, or the storm that drove us to find shelter, or the hail that my silly husband and I ran around in. I felt happy and silly, then after awhile, overstimulated. I went to bed early.

Three days ago:
I wanted to spend the whole day alone, fabric store browsing and quilting. *dreamy* But then I woke up and realized there were cherries to pick and friends to hang with and cherries to process and make into stuff.

And now...well, I'm feeling a bit better. Time to make some big decisions and get some things accomplished and hopefully rest up some more before another busy weekend.

Aaaaah summer how I _______ you.