{serve} cookie delivery

So you know how much I want my kids to learn to live a life of serving others, right? And I'm trying to lead by example and get them excited about this kinda stuff. But this is real life, y'know? And it's soooo much easier said and planned and thought about than done.

I made the cookie dough myself and had the boys make the balls. Peter especially did a really great job. All that mud ball making in the greenspace...

I might have gotten a little crazy with the pretty gingham and the inspirational tags. Just really wanted to make an aesthetic impression, but whether that was worth my time is up for debate. We then drove around to a few of our neighbors who I thought might appreciate some sugary encouragement and the kids did the delivering. Although Ezra was super shy and Peter didn't want to get out of the car.

He finally worked up the courage to knock on the door.
So. We delivered cookies. 
I pray the kids will start to realize what a blessing these little acts of kindness can be. 
I hope we made some people smile. 
And I think next time we'll keep things a bit simpler. :)  

What have you done lately to spread a little kindness?