The Seven Silly Eaters

This book was a gift from my husband's aunt soon after the birth of our second child. I think she thought we were going to be prosperous crazy and have a plethora of children. We might have thought that back then too.

After reading this book, we changed our minds. Just kidding, Aunt Patti! ;)

It's the story of the Peter's family. All seven of them, including twins. And they are picky eaters! One will only eat homemade bread, another applesauce, the twins only eat eggs, but they have to be prepared differently. It's quite hilarious if you can look past the grimace on the mother's face.
Of course, there is a happy ending in which the mother is relieved of her kitchen duties {hear, hear}! The kids learn an important lesson about working together.

The illustrations in this book are intricate. Shoes all over, food on the floor, priceless facial expressions. They tell the rest of the story, beyond the author's words. Which are, by the way, all rhymy and amazing.

You've gotta get your hands on this book. Our kids love it.

The Seven Silly Eaters by Mary Ann Hoberman 
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