{inspire} food in july

Summer is speaking berries right now. It's u-pick time at the blueberry patch and our little backyard raspberry cane is producing huge handfuls each day. Our blackberries are well on their way, producing little teasers for us to fight over.

Soon we'll be talking about apricots and peaches and corn and tomatoes and zucchini. Time to get the recipe list ready. Here's some inspiration for you.

I am particularly interested in making pizza sauce from scratch since I can't seem to find any without added sugar.
And did you look at those mason jar pies? Darling. :)

apricot cornmeal galette by lisa is bossy // stuffed zucchini by zoom yummy 
blueberry breakfast bars by scientifically sweet // raspberry mason jar pies by a little bit of spain in iowa 
sweet corn cake by the knead for speed {sorry, broken link!} // loaded pasta salad by dashing dish 
pizza sauce by petite kitchenesse // triple cherry streusel bars by gastronomy 
vegetarian spring rolls by the taste space