{reallife} july madness

I kind-of imagined our summer being lazy {have I mentioned this already? hmm}. Swimming and water fights and popsicles with friends and reading books outside in the shade. I forgot. Summer is never lazy.

We have been having so much fun that I am reeling from it all, feeling like I need a week of solitude and some bonding time with my house.

I just did a brain dump as Tsh at Simple Mom recommends. My list of things to do is longer than I thought it would be. Those things were all swimming around in my brain, causing unrest and anxiety.

My brain waves: remember to make that Picaboo album :: put eggs on the grocery list :: get mom a birthday present :: finish editing photos from yesterday and tag grandparents on facebook :: find time to mop the sticky floor, please :: the budget needs some tweaking

And so on.

I feel so behind in so many ways. And I'm the type to want everything tied up with a neat little bow. Well, maybe that was my old self. Sometimes I'd like to be her again. But for now I'm the crazy, leave-all-the-jobs-undone-so-we-can-go-have-fun person.

Each of these fun photos represents one thing left undone around the house. But we don't have to look at it that way.
sharing chocolate cake | drinking raspberry lemonade | peach galette | soft serve with mommy | level one swimming lessons
asleep at the pizza place | car packed for camping | cookie and milk | reading by himself | making mud bricks
reading in the grass | doing math | marble run design | homemade apricot jam | speedy slide

What have you been leaving undone so you could have fun?