{reallife} shall we gather at the river

Dear Canada, you were too generous this weekend, sending all that frigid water down from your glaciers and other assorted frozen watersheds. Too generous.

Dear Columbia River, you exceeded all our expectations with your swiftness. You really don't have anything to prove.
We liked you just fine before.

Dear Hot Sun, yes, you are hot. No questions asked. We believe you. Can I give you a ten to back off a little?
Dear Applesauce Cake, you did it again, as at every wedding and RiverPlay weekend and special event.
You made our mouths sing.

Dear Great-Grandma Sybil who always makes such delicious cake, thank you!
Dear Aunts who make cookies, now I have a few extra reasons to go to Jazzercise, thankyouverymuch.
Wow, can I get all those recipes??? =D
Dear Lemonade Stand Girl, that was especially good pink lemonade.
Thanks for always giving me more change in return so I could buy more. You're the cutest.
Dear Doggies, all four of you, thanks for being gentle with the littles and not making too many messes or barking too loudly. Ezra really likes all of y'all.

Dear Hosts, your hospitality endures forever. We hope we didn't leave too large a footprint on your home.
Thanks for always having us, again and again.

Dear Family, thanks for always being so awesome and fun and loving and thoughtful. You're the best ever.