VBS Wrap-up

I now have such great respect for women who work an eight hour day in addition to all the duties of wife and mother. I barely got the laundry done this week and didn't clean or prevent disorganization at all. We ate sandwiches and fruit all week.

We spent the mornings last week enjoying VBS. I took probably a thousand and a half photos of cute kids playing duck duck goose and making tie dye shirts and singing praise. My photography skills were definitely put to the test, capturing the action of ninety energetic children. Thursday was my best day, finally getting the outside exposure figured out. Afternoons were spent sorting and editing photos in Lightroom. Sharp learning curve for sure, since I just started using Lightroom a month or so ago.

The kids did great -- Peter was with the 4/5 year old group and enjoyed spending time with friends he doesn't get to see very often. Ezra was the staff brat -- eating snacks from the staff lounge, chilling in the grass watching the kids run, getting special treatment. The first day he was a bit clingy, so you'd see me shooting with one hand and holding him on my back with the other.

I probably took too many photos. But it's the name of the game right now, especially since I'm still learning. By Friday almost all my shots were great and needed little editing.

Two things:
1) All working moms are hereby allowed to have messy houses and quick-to-prepare foods. I understand.
2) I love this that I heard recently: Woman says to young man -- "Boy, that camera really takes great photos!" Young man says to woman -- "My, your pots really make terrific food!"

Photography is hard work. So is being a housewife.

A showcase of all my work -- the short slideshow shown at church.