{inspire} meals in august

Around this time of year, the murmurs begin. Rumors of peaches available over yonder. Stories of last year's canning adventures. Tales of that killer peach pie. Neighbors chat over the fence and compare pounds of purchased fruit. The crazy, or ingenious, however you happen to see it, ones set up the canning stove in the backyard. It's almost peach season.

The nice lady at the farm down the way, quite a bit down the way, who has sold me over fifty pounds of apricots so far this year, loves to remind me to come back and get their peaches and nectarines and plums and honey and apples.
All coming soon, she says with that encouraging smile.

I love buying farm fruit. We can't wait for the peaches and nectarines. We'll probably freeze some, for winter fruit salads, but I am loving the looks of some of these recipes. Peach muffins? Coconut breakfast pudding with nectarines? Cornmeal cake with peaches? Yesirree.

Let's enjoy us some inspiration on this beautiful first day of August.

blackberry pie muffins by the hazel bloom {sorry, broken link!} // homemade pita bread by a couple cooks
plum streusel coffee cake by the tolerant vegan // apple blackberry cake by heather homemade
cornmeal cake with peaches and rosemary by bella eats // peach carrot quick bread by ryan bakes 
chocolate chip zucchini brownies by two peas and their pod // triple coconut banana bread by the baker chick
coconut breakfast pudding with nectarines by whole living

How do you plan to use peaches/nectarines/plums this summer?