{inspire} pins to complete

Peach Kuchen | This Homemade Life
I totally forgot about this recipe when I had a kitchen full of peaches. 
Gotta see if i can find some somewhere. Or make it with pears...

Water Balloon Pinata | Ziggity Zoom
 This sounds like a blast. Can we do this at my birthday party next year? 
Let's test it out if we have another hot day in the next couple weeks, k?

Same story. Forgot about this pin. 
Hoping to find some apricots or other fruit to make into leather before summer is over!

I think these look so pretty. 
I'm trying to figure out how to decorate with lights and cupcake liners for the holiday season.
Mason Jar Wall Planter | Not Just a Housewife
Can I hang this on the wall in my kitchen? 
Can I keep the herbs alive? 

Father's Day Photo | The How To Mommy
Love. This. Idea. Gotta get my boys to do it. 
And we don't have to wait for Father's Day.
OK. The idea of a chalkboard as decoration is fun for me. 
I'm thinking about that space above the piano. Love how interactive and seasonal this could be.

No Sugar Oatmeal Drops | Blueberry Girl
I want to eat more cookies. This might be the recipe of my dreams. 
Gotta try it.

OK, y'all -- these are the pins I want to complete next month. Keep me accountable! Here we go!