words with friends

I asked Peter yesterday if he was going to be silly forever. You see, lately his craziness and random acts of just plain wildness have been driving me deeper into my serious cave. The dark place where I look out at the wild things dancing around and shudder.

I compensate for their extrovertedness by being more introverted. I compensate for their silliness by being more serious.

Not cool. This mama wants to let her hair down sometimes too. They might like that too. But somebody's got to be the mature and responsible one around here!!

Someone tell me you know what I mean.
We swam in the 2.5 ft pool with our friends yesterday. It's perfect cause both my boys can touch the bottom and swim around totally on their own. They jump into the water and somersault around like the little crazies that they are.

I took pictures. And sometimes set the camera down and tossed them around. It was great.
Want to guess what his answer was to my desperate question?

He said, "no...not when I'm a parent."