words with friends

I am not kidding at all when I say we have been going like crazy the last few days. 
From one thing to the next with no time to just sit down and surf. 
Too much fun.

That's what Peter said today. We're having too much fun. 
So tomorrow we're going to sit in the hotel and be as bored as rocks. 
just kidding

Seriously, though. 
Here's what we did today: 
ate such a yummy breakfast at the hotel
took the MAX downtown
splashed around at Jamison Square
ate fruit snacks
ate so fresh ice cream made at Cool Moon
rode the streetcar
rode the tram and saw the view
ate delicious pizza at pizzicato
rode the MAX back to the hotel and thought about resting a bit
got in the car with hyper kids who promptly fell asleep
woke up kids at the Marine Drive trailhead to ride bikes and watch airplanes
drove up to WSU Vancouver to play follow the leader in the family fountain
Think that's enough for one day? 
I'm glad I captured the memories with my phone since the camera I brought along turned out to be battery-less. 
Yay for Instagram. :)