{reallife} camping and school

I'm bushed. Totally tired out. I worked really hard today. My sentences are going to be short and choppy. You'll survive.

It was Peter's first day of Kindergarten today. He loved it. I'm so happy for him. He said there were two recesses and he got to sit on the grass and draw a tree. And he made two friends. Ezra enjoyed being an only child for a few hours. Peter is looking forward to going again on Wednesday. He loved carpooling with his friends. What a social butterfly. :)

I didn't get the little sign made yet, so his "first-day-of-school" photo will have to wait. Don't tell anyone.

I made pear crisp and butternut squash casserole tonight. And put just shy of twenty pounds of plums in the freezer. Did I really think I could eat twenty pounds of plums in three days? They ripened very fast.

I stood in the kitchen for too long. My feet are sore. But only half the dishes are washed. I had to call it a night.

Part of me is tired because we went camping Saturday night. So super spontaneously. Some friends invited us to go up to the lake for a hike and we did...but we also super-fast packed the car with tents and sleeping bags just in case there were campsites available. We hiked AND we camped. UNO in the tent with a headlamp before sleeping time. Campfire in the morning with s'mores for breakfast. And popcorn. I know. But we came home and had egg sandwiches mid-morning.
Don't look at me like that. I know, it was short and choppy, but that's all I got right now, k? Yep, I know you still love me.