words with friends

Remember that cute face at the end of my last post {five days ago -- yikes!!}? Yeah -- I needed a reminder too. Lately it hasn't been all that cute. He's been the won't-keep-my-pants-on, gonna-scream-and-kick-if-you-tell-me-no, everything-is-a-disaster-warranting-a-huge-display-of-emotion, I'll-throw-my-car-at-you-if-you-make-me-mad kinda guy. He has tested my patience to its very limits these past two days.

Potty training is very hard on both of us. He simply doesn't get his pants off in time. Today I saw progress. I'm hoping, desperately hoping, for this to get easier. I know it's making life hard for him too. We have said no more diapers during the day, since he's been getting confused with the sometimes-I'm-wearing-a-diaper business.

Wanna hear about the big one's ailings too? These last couple days, he's been my I-can't-repeat-back-what-you-just-said-because-I-forgot-already, I'll-call-you-Frank-and-tell-you-to-get-back-in-here-even-if-I-know-I-should-be-more-polite, and I-know-what-my-brother's-buttons-are-and-I'm-going-to-push-them kinda guy.

Coming back to the land of little brother and mommy sent him into a period of sub-par behavior for some reason. A little time at the park and a meeting with his new teacher today seemed to really help. This is my boy who needs structure and a variety of social experiences and opportunities to learn new things. We'll get him back in the zone soon.

I, of course, have not had much time to myself in the past week or two. I'm still never sure how to make personal sanity time a priority on a regular basis. I grab it when I can and don't feel guilty {anymore}, because I know that alone time correlates directly to my patience level. Directly. Last night my patience-o-meter bottomed out and it wasn't pretty. So tonight it's just me. Thank you husband.

Next on the oh-so-important-list-of-things-to-keep-juggled: time with that man of mine.

>>>> switching gears...

Monday night {I think}, I bought some water balloons {and spent about a thousand hours filling and tying all 90 of them} and took some twine over to the greenspace for a little pinata action. I've been wanting to do this for a long time.

I took about two hundred pictures and came out with about a dozen semi-worth-keeping. The light was poor. We're trying to capture action here. When I got home, I realized my ISO was set too high {noise}. And I forgot to ask the kids if I could have a turn swinging the bat.
I would call the activity a hit even though much time was spent in domestic squabbles over who's turn was next. 

And before this becomes a {reallife} post {words with friends is supposed to be short!}...I must stop yabbering {but I missed all of ya}. I just wanted to tell you that I'm really really enjoying 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess by Jen Hatmaker. Bloom is reading this book right now and there are video segments with the author herself -- pretty cool.
I didn't think I would like this book. I'm pretty frugal already. But I think EVERYONE can learn something from this book.
It's really fun to read too. :)

OK, over and out. I'm hoping for a good good good sleep tonight and a so-much-smoother day tomorrow without the need for so many hyphenated descriptors.