{confessions} happy sad

I lost two hours worth of writing this morning. I woke early with hopes to write up an account of Cornelius asking Peter to come speak to them...from the servant's perspective. I wrote probably 500-600 words. I hit publish and three people read it, but then I accidentally closed another browser tab that had blogger running and when prompted to save that draft, I chose not to, thinking that publishing the post would be enough to save me. It was not. I shed a few tears. It's like letting pieces of your heart out to see them completely disappear. Never to be seen again. UPDATE: Would you believe one of those three people had the RSS info for my post and emailed it to me?? My heart pieces returned. So grateful. You can read the story here

I cooked so much yesterday and today that I now have more options for lunch than my daily caloric index will allow. Be watching for a fabulous soup and curry recipe coming down the pipes soon. Both with roasted butternut squash. I'm in love.

I jokingly asked my husband to clean the toilets, and he did. One last wave to martyr-girl way off in the distance. I'm asking for help, I'm being honest, I'm being authentic. It works.

I keep thinking about whether I blog for me or for you. Some of both, really. I just wish there was more interaction. But I have to remind myself that my target audience is very busy with families of their own. And maybe y'all prefer the looking without the talking. It's been really fun to listen to Tsh's podcast lately and now I find out about Inspired to Action and The Kitchen Hour! Fun to listen in on someone else's conversation now and then. So. Blogging. Yeah, it's OK. You just jump in to take a peek whenever it's convenient. Leave me a little note when you can.

I ate my food really slowly today at lunch, really savoring the flavors in each bite. It's good stuff, I'm telling you. And having the only noise in the house be the washing machine isn't all bad either. The boys went out on a field trip to pick up ten boxes of apples. Yeah, guess what we'll be doing next. ;)

And to wrap things up, I wanted to tell you how much I've been encouraged by this mother of seven who has such wisdom to share. I especially appreciate this post about never giving up, even in the face of failure. Wise words for me today.