{reallife} take chances, make mistakes, get messy

I have cute kids. Totally.

They're even cuter when they're not whining, begging and having emotional breakdowns. Yesterday was especially interesting.

Back to the cute stuff. Ezra has been starting many conversations with "Do you remember?" For example, "Peter, do you remember the bridge?" [that they made between the two couches with couch cushions] or "Peter, do you remember the scooters?" It's just cute the way he says it. With a cute lilting voice.

At night, the boys have been asking us to tell them stories from when we were little. "Mommy, tell us a story about when you were a little girl!" And so I reminisce, telling them how the cold water felt when I swam in the deep end for the first time and jumped off the tall tall diving board. I remember riding my bike to swimming lessons all by myself. I probably didn't do that very often {or at all!} but I remember feeling super proud of how big I was. I was all of five years old.
They love stories like this. It gives them a window into our lives...imagine!! Mommy and Daddy have had lives!

And Peter's new mantra = take chances, make mistakes, get messy!! He says it with great gusto.
From the Magic School Bus videos. Yay Ms. Frizzle. :) 

I'm pretty sure we've got the messy part down. Especially if we're talking about chocolate on faces.

And I'm worried that perhaps making mistakes isn't the right thing to reinforce right now.
Yah know? With potty training and all?
Real life. Risks. Mistakes. Messesss.

The other day, I listened to Brene Brown's Ted Talk about the power of vulnerability.

Here are some of the notes I took while listening to her presentation:
People with a deep sense of love and belonging believe that they are worthy of love and belonging.

They {these people with a deep sense of love and belonging} have:
COURAGE to tell the story of who they are with their whole heart
COMPASSION to be kind to themselves first and then others
CONNECTION as a result of authenticity; letting go of who they think they should be
VULNERABILITY that makes them beautiful

It is necessary to take risks.
Vulnerability is the birthplace of joy, creativity, belonging and love.
Good stuff to ponder on a Friday night.