{reallife} things I don't like

I wish real life were all Chopin and daisies, but we all know it's not. There are days when nothing goes right. I, of course, have brought many of today's frustrations upon myself -- trying to reinvent a perfectly good website all by myself, learning CSS coding and other tricks in my not-so-spare time, and trying to update my Etsy shop with nine new listings and sixty new photos all at the same time. Who signed me up for that? Oh yeah, me.

I like quilting. I like selling quilts. I like blogging. I like blog design.

I don't like Lightroom when it exports dull, flat looking photos that don't look anything like the ones I just edited. I don't like image mapping when I do everything just the same as I did with the last one, only this one randomly doesn't work. I don't like being stuck and trying desperately to think of Google search words to find someone else in the world with the same problems as I.

And I really don't like it when my kids are eating almonds and crackers out of the cupboard because mommy was too preoccupied {read: consumed} by her computer issues to make them a decent meal.

I promise I'm usually a better mom.

I had to list off the mommy-jobs I did accomplish today to make myself feel better. I folded and put away laundry {from yesterday's washing...eek}. I put a counter-ful of dishes in the dishwasher and turned it on. Yay. I boiled up some frozen peas for the boys to eat with their {veggie} chicken nuggets and {also from the freezer} perogies.

Don't you love this? 
Oh I hope so.

I told them a very fun "mommy story" before bed about riding my bike too fast and crashing into gravel. Ezra looked very worried and sad, like he was about to put his arms around me and sympathize greatly.

And speaking of bikes, I took Ezra for a quick tour of the BMX track this morning before picking up Peter from school. He just simply loves riding his bike. I do too.

So I did some things right today. But it's not the pattern of life I like to consistently live in.

I'll be super happy when my blog is just the way I like it and photo editing and cataloging is a process smooth as silk.
{hah, that'll be the day}