{reallife} foul weather friends

I commented to my husband through the blowing snow that it's a good thing we have tough friends. We decided this variety of people who will go with you through ice and wind in search of an adventure will be now and forever called "foul weather friends". We're thankful we have some.

The weather wasn't terrible...we did, of course, schedule our trip to finish BEFORE the blizzard hit. This was just pre-blizzard snow. We could handle that. The little one wasn't too impressed, however. Now, after a couple hot showers and warm sleeps, he can laugh when watching the video of himself {see below}.

He makes the best faces. Mommy makes a few herself.

Every parent has something they hope their child will love. For us {Tim especially} it is cross country skiing. The proud father trail-blazing through the trees, backcountry style, with his miniature grey and green shadow close behind -- it was a beautiful sight. Peter loved it. No complaints. No giving up. Strong and adventurous. Just how we love it. :)

So I had to make up a little movie to remember our happy adventure.
Maybe Ezra wouldn't describe it as such...but that's what we'll tell him. He was happy. Right?