{faith} made for more

So often I find myself longing for more beauty. Cuter clothes, prettier hair, warmer weather, interesting places to visit, a nicely decorated home, beautiful food.

We're designed to crave beauty. 

We're also designed to long for heaven. 

Yesterday, again, I caught myself discontented. Over-thinking, yearning, wishing, wondering how I could fill the empty void. At some point during the day I caught a glimpse of the eternal and things fell back into the perspective of this-world-is-not-our-home.
"The world, beautiful as it is, is not enough. The beauty itself doesn't satisfy. It promises satisfation that, mirage-like, it can't provide. Yet the beauty is a mimetic clue, both echo and foretaste, of Things Unseen, an enigmatic hint of Elsewhere which we puzzle over but rarely decipher. He has set eternity on the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done. He is everywhere baiting us, prodding, luring us. He is playing hide-and-seek with heaven and earth, strewing clues all around, brushing the commonplace with the scent of Things Unseen." from Things Unseen by Mark Buchanan
Thank you, God, for the promise of forever, that this world isn't all you have for us. Thank you for the glimpses of amazing, for the snow-covered peaks and icy rivers, for the sun above the fog, for the little clues that speak to us of our futures. Thank you for making our world beautiful, just a foretaste of what is to come.