for when you're not seeing updates on facebook

It turns out that less than 1/5th of you are seeing my status updates on Facebook. {I realize I'm probably preaching to the choir...} Some of you subscribe by email and are notified with each new post, but others simply click "Like" on Facebook and then may never hear from me again.

How sad! Well, unless you like it that way. ;-o

Anyhow, since I'd like to remain optimistic that my content is interesting and most of you would like to be alerted to a new post, here's some helpful information for you. Listen up.

You know the "Like" button that you clicked at some point? Here? {down there}
If you hover over it, you'll see some options.
  • You can select "Get Notifications" and for each of my status updates you'll get a little linky blurb when you click on your world icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • You can select "Show in News Feed" which may or may not actually work, but is worth a try.
  • Or you can create an Interests List {my fav} and then add me to it. Then you have a whole 'nother news feed with all your best business and blog pages who you want to stay in touch with. Mine is called "Pages I Like" and I can click on the link on the left sidebar under "Interests".

Enough to make your brain batty? Well, I hope it helps. And always, thanks for reading!