my heart is in ethiopia

Jerry and Christy Shannnon, with their four children, are now living in Addis Ababa and running daytime care for 100 children with plans to expand. Their story is inspiring and just the kind of story I want to share with you.

Three things Christy said in the video below that resonate with me:
   -- their joy of life is huge; they have something we don't have
   -- we just live the lives we were dealt, we don't choose to be born into poverty
   -- children are the hope of a country; begin by sowing seeds of truth and love to the kids and we'll change the future

There are other videos at Embracing Hope Ethiopia -- videos of clean, lovely, happy children singing songs for their mothers, led by their preschool teachers. Kids who were just months before malnourished, strapped to their mother's back while she begged or searched through piles of garbage for food. These mothers are now free to find more appropriate work to support their families, knowing that their children are being educated, fed and loved while they are gone.

Take a look. Be inspired.

"Embracing Hope Ethiopia" - A Documentary from Embracing Hope Ethiopia on Vimeo.