I'll Only Do This Once

Moving. It's something I did so very much of as a kid, packing boxes, saying goodbye to friends, excited about new bedrooms and meeting new neighbors, missing pets that tried to go back home. I think change is character building. But it's also really really hard.

Sometimes to experience growth and blessings, we have to push our way through difficult change.

And so -- the re-branding of this blog. The new domain name. The merging of handmade shop and blog. The solidifying of goals and personal style. The changes that needed to happen. I went for it.

And maybe only thirteen of you will follow me. That's OK.

Here's the rub: I have been on a journey to find myself, to discover what I really deep down care about. I've been searching for my own authentic voice, the one that speaks without worry of what the listener will say. I've been digging up my passions and dusting them off, naming them and getting them dressed for the day. This space is more up front and you-get-what-you-get than it has been in the past and I'm more proud of it than I have been in earlier days.

If you are interested in handmade things, outdoor adventures, philanthropy, healthy eating, and topics of faith -- you'll want to follow all my posts. You'll love it. You'll be inspired and encouraged.

But I won't be posting about fashion, crafts {well, not many}, or pop culture. :)

So -- goodbye "Housewife in Town", hello "Pete and Buzz"!

Would those of you who want to stay with me do a couple things? 
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3) let me know if you run across any broken links as you click through the new digs
4) tell me what you think in the comments!

THANK YOU. And welcome to my new space!!!