[faith] leaning hard

Sorry for the long pause. I've been feeling pretty empty and discouraged. Today's post is something I wrote for 5 Minutes for Faith. Sharing a bit of the struggle, because to write about anything else seemed superficial. Thanks for understanding.

Life has been very hard for me lately. It’s still hard to admit that, but getting easier as I realize that my vulnerability = grace for others. But harder even than admitting depression and exhaustion is the task of writing something encouraging for others.

I don’t have a faith-filled testimony about God carrying me through a difficult time. I’ve been neglecting time with God and turning instead to chocolate and ice cream and reality TV.

I don’t have ever-loving words to say about my children. They’ve been driving me near the brink of insanity.

I don’t have marriage counsel. We’re as opposite as ever and struggling every day to figure out how to live in the same house.

I am worn-out, burnt-out, emptied-out and constantly searching for a word from someone to either say “yes, motherhood is miserably taxing on a soul” or “here are the answers to all your problems”. Say both of those things and I’ll love you forever.

Perhaps the only faith-strengthening thing I can say here is that I recognize my great need and I WANT to lean more heavily into Jesus.

There's more. Come read the rest over at 5 Minutes for Faith.