[faith] love, so amazing, so STRONG

heavenly father 
you always amaze me
let your kingdom come in my world
and in my life

Do you know what God is teaching me these days? That He loves me just the way I am. He made me just the way I am on purpose! The things I love, the way I see through a lens, the music that moves me, the way I feel called to serve -- those are God-designed. Amazing.

Cause most days all I see are faults, weaknesses, places where I don't measure up. But I'm beginning to see my design and how something that might seem flawed is really God-breathed uniqueness and who am I to question his design? The more we accept and embrace and live happily inside this skin, the more we glow with the glorious filter of made-on-purpose. For such a place, such a season, such a family, such a life.

You know He's got the whole world is His capable hands. You know He's a big picture guy and your life matters. You are right there in the painting, doing what He made you to do. You know that, right? 

Cause when you do, it's gonna make you want to sing.