[the boyz] things they say and do

A quick re-telling of some of the week's best sayings and doings. By the cutest boys in town. 

:: We babysat a little three-month-old girl last week. Buzz wrapped up a couple cars in a blanket and came running to me saying "mommy, it's a present for the baby!"

:: Buzz has decided that he will only do certain things on certain days of the week. For example, he says he will only eat oranges on Sunday.

:: Pete was remembering when he was a little boy...he said the song about the Teddy Bear's Picnic almost made him cry because he was so happy.

:: Buzz has decided that he loves snakes. Why? Because they will snuggle with him.

:: School time included learning the consonant blend "nch". It immediately turned into three-part vocal percussion.
{n-ch n-ch n-ch n-ch}

:: Buzz likes to say "fancy" with a killer southern accent.