[faith] a lifelong extension of encountering Jesus

Peace by Jennifer Knapp on Grooveshark

 Abide. It means to stay, to continue, to dwell. "It is the lifelong extension of encountering Jesus," writes John Piper in his book.

Abiding in Jesus is a continual belief that we are loved by Him. It is trust that His words are true. It is the freedom we receive from remembering Who is in control of our lives. It is being completely satisfied in Him. It is the knowledge that He is the source of our every good thing.

Abiding is everyday. Abiding is in our subconscious, even when the diapers and laundry fills our consciousness.

"Coming to Jesus again and again continues. Believing in Him hour by hour continues. Listening to His word as the daily source of spiritual life continues. Jesus demands the engagement of our minds and hearts every day of our lives."

Abiding is a decision. Abiding is because we love and know He loves. It is more about gratitude than about obligation.

"Abiding in Jesus means staying vitally connected, hour by hour, to the One who alone produces in our lives everything he demands."  

Tonight I know Jesus loves me. I trust His words, His power, His purpose in my life. My eyes are tired, my brain a fog, my teeth hugged tight by my new night guard. I feel my humanness so keenly. Soon I will lay flat and welcome sweet sleep. But in the middle of all that, my God is with me. I come and he is always there.

I can lean against Your throne
And find my peace, find my peace

all quotations from John Piper's book What Jesus Demands from the World; song lyrics by Jennifer Knapp