[giveaway] Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge

This giveaway is a thank you. This giveaway is a request. This giveaway is about sharing my heart.

First, thank you for joining me here in this space. Blog-land is kinda crazy -- we people who like writing better than talking get a whole lotta room to let it all hang out. And there are those of you who don't mind. I appreciate you. :)

My request? That if you know someone who might like to read a little blog like mine -- truly find kinship here in this community of faith and personal development in motherhood -- would you send them over? I am hoping to build up my readership not by force {follow me and you might win something!} but by creating a place of beauty and inspiration where we can come together.

My heart? My heart is for service. It's for parenting with honor. It's for outdoor adventures and living authentically and eating whole foods. My heart wants to be heard. My heart wants to bless. And my heart loves this book. So...let's talk about Captivating by John and Stasi!!

Why read this book?
This book has taken my inner-most longings and put them into words and given them names. That desire for adventure? It comes straight from God. The yearning for intimacy and being understood? From God. The constant chasing after beauty? God-given. He wants us to adventure with Him in the grandest, most meaningful glory-driven quest ever. He wants us to come find intimacy and understanding in quiet moments at His feet. He knows we are beautiful and invites us to "entice, allure, and invite others to Jesus by reflecting his glory in our lives."

Two major takeaways:
     1) I have so many needs that would best be taken straight to Jesus.
     2) The whole purpose of this life is to glorify God.

This book is highlighted all over, with pages turned in hope that I will remember and come back to refresh myself with the truth that is "only God can tell you who you are".

Have you already read the book and need to find it on your shelf for a re-read? Do you know a friend who might like a copy? Does it sound like a book you'd be blessed by? 

Here's your chance to take the book home or pass it on to a friend!

Simply enter this giveaway by leaving a comment on this post -- anything {why you'd like the book, what you loved from reading it already, who you'd give it to, why you read my blog}. :)

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