my teeth. my boys. my tired mama self.

today is over. if there is any oomph left in my body it would be from the second {small} bowl of ice cream in my system. the first was consumed while hiding from the children, the second after they were permanently in bed. it's a pitiful reward system at best, more literally just a coping mechanism. just make it to the end of the day. then you can have ice cream. be patient. be kind. it's mint chocolate chip. you can do this. 

i'm too tired to capitalize.

this was the day i lifted my white flag of surrender in regards to the clean white tile floor. i mopped approximately one week ago, so we've done remarkably well, but today was the day i decided to let it go. too many dusty little feet stepping in little spots of water. too many sticky orange sections accidentally dropped on the floor. it's summer. maybe i won't mop again until september.

they will have dirty bare feet for the next three months. who am i kidding? so will i.  

the garden is looking so so great. tomato and squash seedlings are in the ground, happy as clowns with this hot sunny weather. my pea shoots are up and glorious and i planted more today so i can harvest at least one more time. we planted carrot and sunflower seeds today. peter wanted his own garden, so he's been raking and transplanting a few things that i said he could have. he says he really loves to garden.

my dear hard-working husband is putting posts in and creating a new place for the raspberries to live {and we'll buy a few more canes}. sweet juicy goodness.

i think between the ever-bearing strawberries, the cherry and yellow pear tomatoes, the blackberries and the raspberries we'll have lots of yummy-yums for the kids to pluck as they explore the backyard.

changing the subject slightly...has anyone here ever experienced bite problems? {as in, my teeth don't seem to want to close comfortably into each other anymore} the dentist said i must be clenching or grinding at night because my gums are receding {yikes} and recommended a night guard. i have been trying so hard not to clench during the day and now i feel like my teeth are moving and my bite is all weird. could it be? my clenching is keeping my teeth in place?

anyway. it's just weird.

and it is crazy when i realize how much i clench, especially when angered. moms wouldn't have any reason to be exasperated, would they? or need ice cream at the end of a day? #sarcasmalert #youknewthatright?

my boys are coming into a phase of life where they both have a ton of things to say. for awhile, they were happy with a story and a song and a gentle tuck into bed. now it's "but mommy, I wanted to tell you about..."  and "listen to my idea for..." and buzz saying "mommy mommy mommy.....oh I forgot". i'm gonna have to give them a talking stick since they are talking all over on top of each other and i'm not getting much out of it.

i seriously never know how to end posts or how to title them. that's my confession for tonight {cause eating ice cream happens too often to be ground-breaking}. actually i didn't eat ice cream for probably a week or two and felt like avoiding sugar was really a good thing. but one can only go so long without one of her favorite things. maybe i should find a substitute reward that is healthier. but i'm rambling now.

maybe a rambling ending is ok?

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